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3 Ways To Predict The Future of Technology

It’s expected that today’s CIO’s, CTO’s and even CEO’s are able to see deep into the future so they can make reliable and actionable predictions (in an ever-changing world) about coming technology needs and trends. If, like most CXO’s, you don’t have a crystal ball, try using these three tactics to better see the future:

1: Rely on more than one source. Don’t depend on one consulting firm, no matter how well-respected. Turn to a variety of internal and external experts to predict
what’s coming. This can also include industry peers, case studies, competitive analysis and more,

2: Go to more than the customary events. Widen your sources (internal and external) by going to a variety of conferences, industry education events and trade shows. Mingle with vendors, customers, venture capitalists, and academics to see a breadth of views. You should also engage with leading universities that specialize in technology to see what is being done, new technology solutions and application/usage trends. I highly recommend MIT, MIT Sloan School of Management, University of Advancing Technology,  Cal Tech, etc.

3: Look down. Rather than turning to people who have more experience than you, seek out junior people. The younger crowd often spots trends in technology long before even the best CXO knows of them. This is a model perfected from the Military. Everyone knows who has ever served in the Military that the Chief’s and Sergent’s run the show and usually have the greatest/diverse experience and solutions to both current and over the horizon tactical and strategic challenges.

For more information on this topic, I recommend you check out Robert Plant’s The CIO as Corporate Psychic.



Written by David Frederick

July 13, 2011 at 11:38 AM

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