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High Touch – The Oft Forgotten Art

I wanted to share an interesting focus point from one of my mentors Alan Weiss. In it, Alan highlights the oft forgotten art of forming relationships, trust and delivering superior client support and response. Check it out!


John Naisbitt wrote about “high tech/high touch” almost 30 year ago, and I believe he was absolutely on target. Technological “mystery” has plateaued, and we no more think of being “plugged in” to the Internet as we do to the electrical grid (as technology columnist Walt Mossberg points out). What are you doing to develop breakthrough client relationships on the “high touch” side? It’s not done by mass emails, lengthy voice mail instructions, or automated reminders. It’s accomplished through personalization, direct contact, and rapid response. Products and services may shine in strong economies, but relationships garner you the benefit of the doubt in any economy.


Written by David Frederick

April 19, 2011 at 1:30 PM

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