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BRICS Make Move to Shove Dollar Aside

I have talking about this for quite some time now. The movement to push the U.S. dollar aside as the world’s currency reserve is a major issue for the United State across the board and at all levels for all people. At the recent BRICS meeting, China, Russia, Brazil and other countries took another step away from the dollar. With some EU countries pushing this, the World Bank, and now emerging countries, the U.S. has to wake up and get is fiscal policy revised, economy revamped and energized, tax policy revised and its over the horizon thinking hashed out before its to late.

This is a life or death issue for the U.S and her people. Many people have been warning about this issue and the cataclysmic consequences it will have for the U.S. . You think our economy is bad now? Just wait for this beauty to unfold.

Oh, for those of you in the rest of the world who think “good, let the American’s deal with what we have been dealing with”?. Be careful of what you wish for. This will impact you in ways you can’t even imagine. The consequences of this type of economic impact on the largest economy on the planet and the largest producer of critical products, technologies, systems, solutions, and services to the rest of the world will take everyone else down with it.   Check out this article from Yahoo Finance on the recent BRICS meeting. It aint pretty!



Written by David Frederick

April 18, 2011 at 12:36 PM

Posted in Economics

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