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Mission Possible…Really?

I came across an interesting article on avoiding impossible assignments that started me thinking of all the suicide missions and impossible assignments I had taken on over my career. Why do we do it? Challenge? A sense of accomplishment? Ego? Because it needed to be done and done right? Maybe someone you respected really needed your help. Who knows. Maybe all of the above. But with most impossible assignments, how you prepare, execute and communicate through the assignment are critical to the overall success of the assignment.

Pricilla Clamen wrote an interesting blog article about how to avoid impossible assignments and even better, offers some unique advice on how to prepare and execute should you find yourself in this precarious positions either through your own willingness (which means you ignored her advice) or by necessity. Either way, its a good read with some valuable insight. Check it out here!


PS: Remember, if someone asks for volunteers, watch out for those that step backward not forward.


Written by David Frederick

March 2, 2011 at 10:27 AM

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