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Interesting Retail Industry Data

According to the New 2010 Top 500 Guide from Internet Retailer, there are very interesting data, facts and trends in its more that 100,000 data points on the American Retail Industry.


Here are just a couple:

1. Web sales for Amazon.com, the largest online retailer, grew 28% in 2009, while total sales for Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the biggest chain retailer, grew 1%. Wal-Mart expanded its online sales 20% last year to $3.5 billion, but it’s a long way from its goal of being #1 on the web: Amazon’s 2009 online sales of $24.5 million and were nearly eight times Wal-Mart’s web business.
2.     Retail chains have increased their focus on the web and the Top 500 Guide data shows that: Last year web sales for 26 of the 50 biggest chain retailers grew while their comparable-store sales declined.
3.     Fully 86% of web shoppers at Lancome-USA.com (No. 378) are female, the most of any Top 500 merchant. At 67% 3balls.com (No. 397) and Rock Bottom Golf (No. 287) had the most male shoppers. The 2010 edition of the Top 500 Guide contains never-before-reported demographics of shoppers at the Top 500 retail web sites.
4.     The Top 500 retailer with the most return shoppers is Vermont Teddy Bear (No. 223) with 92.3%. Return customer data is another updated feature of the 2010 Top 500 Guide.
5.     At 76%, Drillspot.com (No. 495) gets more search engine shoppers than any other Top 500 merchant. The Top 500 Guide reports the SEM sales percentages for all 500 merchants it ranks and includes a brand new metric on each—search engine optimization ratings.
6.     The Top 500 merchant that generates the most monthly e-mail campaigns is The Shopping Channel (No. 156) with 67. The 2010 Top 500 Guide also measures for the first time how many e-mails e-retailers used included incentives and social networking links.
7.     The number of Top 500 merchants with Twitter feeds more than doubled last year to 254.
8.     Of all major retail chains, Staples (No. 2) last year generated the highest sales online. It’s web sales grew 27% last year to $9.8-billion, which equaled 40.3% of its total retail sales.
9.     At 54%, JJBuckley.com (No. 333) had the most shoppers with annual household income over $100,000; Lifetime Brands (No. 328) had the most shoppers – 36% – with annual income of $30,000 or less. It’s all part of a brand new section of Top 500 that includes the demographic data of each e-retailer’s web business.
10.     The Wet Seal (No. 338), ALDO Group (No. 377), and Forever 21 (No. 430) had the youngest shoppers with 27% under 25; while at 39% Orchard Brands Corp. (No. 63) had the most shoppers over 55.
11.     Foot Locker (No. 52) operates four mobile commerce sites, the most of any Top 500 merchant. For the first time, the 2010 Edition of the Top 500 Guide includes details on e-retailers with mobile commerce operations.
12.     Crocs Inc. (No. 151) was the fastest-growing consumer brand manufacturer with a year over year increase in web sales of 104%


Written by David Frederick

September 2, 2010 at 10:54 AM

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