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Beating the Recession Blues

I have been posting a lot about the economic ruin in our country at the behest of Congress and the Obama administration. Believe me, there is a lot to write about. Take this mornings headlines:

Homes lost to foreclosure up 6% from last year...
Jobless claims jump to highest since February
DOW drops 265...
Q2 GDP Growth Could Be Revised To Just 1% After Trade Data...
No one could say the U.S. and world economy is in good shape. This obviously affects and impacts global business large and small, which ultimately effects the American people, consumers, workers and business owners. But I am a realistic optimist and believe things will turn around. Assuming we are all here and still in business, this will be a good thing.
I received an interesting post from Harvard Business Review talking about beating the Post Recession Blues. Clearly, people at Harvard think the recession is over. Perhaps they don’t read the headlines or look at the numbers. The recession is over only if you believe the government definition and weren’t they the ones that got us into this mess? I digress. The article does have some interesting points from an emotional perspective that I believe are relevant and should be considered.
Here are some highlights from the article by Ron Ashkenas entitled “Do you have the Postrecession Blues?”
If the recession is officially over (according to government statistics), why are you still down in the dumps? It may be your mindset. It is hard to see opportunity amidst high unemployment rates, tight credit, a slow housing market, and more. But the reality is that the recession has created a whole set of opportunities (DF NOTE: I totally agree). Don’t be preoccupied with the negatives. Instead, look for ways to grow and create competitive advantage. (DF NOTE: HELL YEAH!) Has the recession hurt your competitors? How can you take advantage of the focus on sustainability? (DF NOTE: People don’t care about sustainability when they can’t pay their bills including consumers!) How are you planning to move into new markets? (DF NOTE: Its tough when the government keeps taxing you) Think of the problems that the current economic environment creates and look for the opportunities they generate. This shift in mindset can help you beat the blues. (DF NOTE: Agreed)
OK, so post analysis. Some good points in there. There are always opportunities if you look hard enough. Sometimes, one persons/company’s problem is another opportunity. Its tough out there … no question, but… if you look hard enough, think outside the box, innovate, execute and keep to the basics, you can make great things happen for you, your company and your clients. To quote one of my favorite characters Rodney Copperbottom from the movie Robots – “See a need, fill a need”.
The only way to beat the recession blues is to focus like a laser on identifying opportunities, creating solutions to those opportunities and executing. Things are tough, but they will get better. Focus and execute. Find new ways to solve your clients challenges. Think outside the box, rapidly innovate, take advantage of technology to lower your cost of operation, manufacturing, etc. Force yourself to think of new ways to succeed, become more efficient, do more with less, etc. remember, plan for 80% and the go. The remaining 90% is usually non-relevant, redundant, and not necessary. Keep plugging and make things happen. No one else will do it for you. Especially the government!


Written by David Frederick

August 12, 2010 at 9:30 AM

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