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While you weren’t looking!

While you weren’t looking, you just got whacked with another $26 BILLION dollar hit! Another pay off to unions from the Obama Administration. But guess, what… not only are you personally stuck with the bill, U.S. Corporations that do business globally are also getting stuck paying for this, ultimately increasing the cost of operations, sales, manufacturing, R&D, etc. Do you know how business will cover this increased cost of operations? High prices to the consumer and job cuts. Oh yeah, if you are less fortunate and need food stamps to support your family. Your out of luck. $12B in cuts from that program will help for this bailout.

Way to go Congress! Your infinite wisdom ensures we remain in a double dip recession and kills jobs and economic growth. Awesome!





Written by David Frederick

August 11, 2010 at 10:28 AM

Posted in Economics, Government

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