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Killer iPhone Apps To Make You More Productive

Like many of people, I am a heavy user of my iPhone – both personally and for business. I also travel in my role as independent consultant, locally, nationally and globally. Because the iPhone is truly a smart phone/”micro-mac” it allows me to stay synced both in content and technology with my other macs in the office and in my briefcase. But what really makes my iPhone invaluable is the applications I use.

I have tried tons of apps to try to help boost my productivity, manage my business activities, make my personal and professional life easier, etc. As such, I wanted to share several apps that to me, and through my experience, have become a must have to make my work, travels, and iPhone run like a champ. I will spare you all of  games and personal focused apps I use and will only focus on business/productivity application with maybe a couple of dual use apps. The total investment for these apps was less than what it takes me to feed my kids for one trip at McDonald’s!

Note: I currently have an iPhone 3G (upgrading to i4 when I have the time!). All of the apps I have listed will run on a 3G, 3GS, i4 and iPad. I assume they will run on an iPod touch of similar OS release. Finally, I know there are millions of other apps out there that should be on the list, but this is my current list. Subject to change and grow! Hope you find these useful and helpful.

How to get these apps: Simply open up iTunes and click App Store and type in the name in the search bar. Alternatively, you can search on line by clicking here.

THE LIST (These are not in any particular order)

  • iDisk – free
  • Evernote – Free (has a desktop and web-based version for a fee. I love this app and use it extensively)
  • Foxnew – Free
  • Drudge Report – Free
  • The Weather Channel Max – $3.99
  • Camera Plus – Free
  • FreeMemory (MUST HAVE if you want your iPhone to run fast!! This app is indispensable!) .99
  • Spending Expense Tracker -$2.99
  • BatterDoctor (MUST HAVE if you want to get the most out of your batter and charge time!! This app is indispensable!) .99
  • Vlingo – Base software free, if you want to add email and text voice recognition its a couple of bucks.  Great application and getting better!!
  • Skype – Free
  • Google – Free
  • Webex Meet – Free
  • Mapquest4Mobile -Free
  • Maps – Free
  • Gateguru – Free (Awesome when looking for food, book store, gates, rest rooms, etc. at the air port/terminal)
  • Traffic! Real-time traffic info anywhere you are! $1.99
  • Flight Tracker Pro $9.99
  • Airport Status – Free (great when trying to see why there is a delay, if there will be a delay, and at what airport)
  • Trip Case (Awesome management of all your travel info with real-time updates!!) – Free
  • The Alarm Clock (Dont trust the hotel desk for your wake up call. Use this app!) – .99
  • WorldwideWeather (Find the weather conditions/forecast anywhere in the world!) – Free
  • American Airlines App – Free
  • UrbanSpoon (Quickly find restaurants) -Free
  • TimeXchange (Good project time/rate tracker. Since I use a value based fee structure, I only use this to track how much time I am spending on a task or project for my own reference.) -Free
  • LinkedIn – Free
  • Creative Whack Pack – $1.99 (great app for spurring ideas and different ways of thinking about things)
  • WordPress -Free
  • Pandora Radio -Free
  • Bing Search -Free
  • HBR Tips – Free
  • WSJ Mobile -Free
  • Fox Business -Free
  • NPR Addict -Free
  • Apple iBooks -Free
  • Wikiamo -Free
  • Kiwi Reference -Free
  • AP Mobile -Free
  • Air Sharing Mobile File Transfer – $2.99
  • AIM Free Edition -Free
  • Whiteboarder – $1.99
  • ESPN SPorts Center – Free

Written by David Frederick

August 11, 2010 at 8:30 AM

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