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I just returned from a very productive and enjoyable consulting trip in Arizona with one of my favorite clients. What was most interesting, at least to me was the experiences I had at the airport(s) and hotel, and the observations, and aggravations I experienced. Therefore, I would like to satisfy my own personal venting and  share with you my observations for your amusement.

  1. Ladies, when traveling on an airplane or staying in a hotel (getting on the elevator) DO NOT over due the perfume! Not only does it smell like bug spray, it gives me an asthma attack.
  2. Men, when traveling on an airplane, please DO NOT wear flip flops. Yes, I know its convenient in security, but no one wants to see your nasty feet and toe nails.
  3. Why do people feel compelled to immediately congregate at the boarding line like Pavlov’s dogs, the instant the gate agent picks up the mic to announce something, usually not your flights info!
  4. Why do people willingly disregard or forget the English language when the gate agent discusses the boarding procedures and boarding zones. This applies to first class  (a misnomer) as well.
  5. The utter disregard, idiocy and ignorance of passenger people in the security zone. I guess the numerous signs in 10 languages with an annoying and loud, voice over on the intercom explaining the same thing for those visually impaired… I guess, explaining the TSA’s expectations, Federal regulations, what to pull out and not, etc. all in multiple languages. People STILL Screw it up! This includes the business and first class lines! Sheep and cattle or more manageable!
  6. People with head phones that looks like it should be used to land the plan they are flying on! Dude… get ear buds! Ditch the huge Abby Road muffs.
  7. DO NOT Try to pack your whole life into a carry on. Carry on means carry your stuff on the plan in a moderate sized bag. Trying to stuff 100 lbs of crap in a 10 lbs bag doesn’t work and it WONT fit in the overhead.
  8. Ladies, do not bring “book bags” with the loop handles on the plan. The almost always tip over spilling fruit, yarn, books and glasses everywhere!
  9. Guys, whats up with the dual double diamond ear rings that make you look like refugees from the Ubangi tribe?
  10. Regional airline pilots. What happened to the good old fashion former or current military pilots. I was fortunate (not!) to stand next to 4 regional commuter pilots who looked like and acted like they were from a 90’s boy band. Worse, they were cursing, bitching about their union and other pilots, ultimately acting like unprofessional “teenagers”,  all in front of passengers waiting to board their flight. Fortunately they were not flying my flight. They were passengers on my flight. When the real pilots showed up, there was NO doubt who they were and their experience. United needs to work on the commuter pilots. Perhaps, they could learn from United’s main line pilots who are pros.
  11. Bladder control problems. Folks, do you really think it is a good idea to drink the 27 and 3/4 ounce capafrapachino drink 10 minutes before you board?
  12. Near proximity mobile phone calls. Just because you have an ear piece in your head does not mean you need to yell and share your lame conversation with the airport. Shhhh. If you really need to discuss your ex-husband, legal case, girl friends car, or mothers operation, please find a small corner of the air port lounge or gate to speak in private. I don’t want to hear you and am I sure no one else does either.
  13. Hippa Violations. Almost as bad as the attorney sitting across from me discussing the details of his case, strategy and client (I hope his client gets a new attorney!), is the doctor i.e. the Neuro-surgon who was sitting next to me reviewing MRI’s with NO privacy screen on his 17 inch high res lap top. Not only could I see the tumors, but I could see the patients name, SS#, Hospital ID, diagnosis, MRI notes, etc. Hey, doc…. invest in a $200 privacy screen from 3M. Do yourself and your patients a favor. By the way, Mrs XXXXXXXXX is going to be fine.
  14. For people who stay in hotels of all classes. DO NOT LET THE DOOR SLAM when you enter your room! Take a second and help the door close quietly. Especially at 4:30AM when leaving your room trying to catch your flight. Slamming or letting the door slam while loudly trundling your luggage down the hall yelling into your mobile phone only pisses people off. Just don’t do it. Think and act like you would like to be treated.
  15. The nickle and dime charging for everything on airlines. Even in first class. Either raise the price to include oxygen or stop charging.
  16. Perhaps they should have dedicated airlines for business that excludes everyone else.
  17. Poor customer service at hotels and airlines. In a service business, there is NO excuse for poor customer service. Especially when you are paying a premium.
  18. Airports are designed for airplanes. Not people. Especially business people.
  19. Ladies, if you are wearing shorts with words printed on the bum, you should really ensure it fits. IF your phrase such as sugar or sweetie pie runs hip to hip, change your cloths. No one, I mean no one needs to be subject that. Especially kids.
  20. If you are wearing skimpy/light cloths with no sleeves, don’t complain about the plane being to cold. Put some damn cloths on or ask for a blanked. Better yet, prepare and dress appropriately.
  21. Mothers, if you have an infant be sure to bring the babies nuk/binki/pacifier/etc. or bottle and give it to the baby during take off and landing. This helps take the pressure of the baby’s ears and keeps the baby happy i.e. not crying. ( how do I know this? I have 5 kids under 13!)
  22. Standing up and unbuckling while the seat belt sign is on is not only dumb, but dangerous. Just look at the United flight a couple weeks back that hit strong turbulence. All the people who got hurt were unbuckled, walking around or going to the bathroom even though the flight crew said to get seated the captain has put on the seat belt sign.
  23. Finally…. think, plan, execute. It’s not that hard people.

Now for some cool stuff.

  1. United’s Mobile Boarding – Use the emailed image on your iPhone or Smart phone as your boarding pass
  2. Inflight WiFi. A little slow, but still cool and productive when on a long flight.
  3. Travel Trip app for your iPhone. Keeps you updated on gates, delays,weather, car rental, etc. Must have application
  4. When flying United, listen in to channel 9. The ATC and aircraft comms channel. You can hear everything that is going on around you in the air and on the ground. It also gives you a sense of the order and management of the highway in the sky.
  5. The new United mid-flight tour from the captain on channel 9. He or she will tell you all about your route, interesting points about the flight, plane, speed, weight, fuel costs, fuel burn rate, sites out the window, etc. Interesting stuff i.e. the 757 I was on got 1/2 gallon to the mile and cost $27,000 is jet fuel to fly from Phoenix to Washing DC. We traveled at a cruising speed of around 600 MPH, it was -70 degrees outside the cabin at 42,000 feet, etc. I know, I am a geek.
  6. Another interesting data point. When it’s lightning on the air field, ALL planes stop in their tracks, all people on the field go in doors and NO one moves until there is no more lightning for at minimum of 10 minutes from the last lightning strike. That lightning strike has to be in a 20 mile radius of the air field. That’s why where there is a weather delay, it effects everything and everyone which ripples out into the whole air travel system i.e. delay’s, cancellations, etc. A mess.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed my rant and learned something!



Written by David Frederick

August 6, 2010 at 3:21 PM

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