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Extremely Productive Application

Ok, I not a big fan of posting product or service endorsements on my blog, Thats not what my blog is really about, but I came across and now use extensively, a new mobile app for my iPhone. Its call Vlingo. Check it out at http://www.vlingo.com/products/iphone/.

They also make it for other smart phones. Here’s the key thing. Its affordable i.e. Free for most of the key functions and only $6.99 for the email version. It works and works really well. Yes, you need to think about what you are saying and articulate a little more clearly, but it works really well and makes life a lot easier. Especially if you are driving. Totally hands free (you do have to touch a button to start the recording, but that’s it.)

This is great for those of us who travel a lot, drive to clients, etc. You simply speak your commands, email, search, map information, etc. and it does the work. I highly recommend.

Check it out. Very cool and very productive!

NOTE: Vlingo is not a client of iAIR. I simply dig their app.



Written by David Frederick

July 21, 2010 at 12:48 PM

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