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Don’t Let Your Strategy Distract You

I recently came across this article by Peter Bregman from Bregman Partners Consulting in the HBR. He really touched on an interesting phenomenon in business. The phenomenon is this. Many times executives focus so hard on their strategy that they forget to look up and adjust their course.

It’s analogous to have a detailed strategy “map” but forgetting to course correct for tide, wind, current, storms, etc. Business is dynamic. Not static. I have seen many business executives from small to very large organizations be laser focused and vapor locked into executing a strategy come hell or high water that they forget to look up from their course every once in a while to see if there is an obstacle in their way, or the path changed, or the market changed, consumer trends shifted, etc. If these things have happened, you need to adjust accordingly. Most organizations don’t change, Or change willingly. It’s usually forced on them reactive versus responsive. They keep pushing through even though the path/course to their objective/strategy has changed.

So the moral is, be dynamic. keep your eye on the ball, but know that their will be changes along the way. A good strategy takes into consideration the dynamic changes in a fluid environment. If your strategy encompasses room to maneuver, you have a much greater chance of executing and achieving your strategy. Fail to look up? You will end up on the rocks. Here is what Peter had to say about the subject. Check it out.


FROM Peter’s “Don’t Get Distracted by Your Plan”

In business, it’s important to set goals — achieve a sales target, grow the company by X% — and lay out the strategies you believe will get you there. A clear strategy that dictates the process for achieving goals can be comforting, but be careful not to let it distract you. Don’t keep your head so focused on the process that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Look up every once in a while and remind yourself what you are trying to achieve. Markets change, customers change, and even your company changes — looking up ensures that you don’t miss new and important opportunities.



Written by David Frederick

June 23, 2010 at 11:21 AM

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