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The Moment Social Media Became Serious Business

A very interesting article by Tammy Erickson in HBR. Check it out. To read the full article CLICK HERE


The Moment Social Media Became Serious Business

It happened last year, around the first of July. In my experience, the switch was just about that abrupt.

All last spring, most senior business leaders I met shrugged off the business applicability of Web 2.0. Allowing access to social networks in the workplace was something they were willing to consider only if it was absolutely necessary to keep younger employees from complaining. Twitter? What was that?

But by summer, the conversations I was having with senior executives about the use of these new technologies took on a very different tone. Recognition grew that 2.0 technologies could be used to change the way work gets done in fundamental ways. Interest in exploring these new ways of working, of sharing information, of collaborating to enhance productivity and meet business goals, was here.


Written by David Frederick

January 20, 2010 at 3:18 PM

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