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Your Medical Information in the Digital Age by John D. Halamka, MD

Very interesting article from The Harvard Business Review. Thought you guys would find it interesting.


Visit our special section on Health and Well-Being, created in association with Harvard Health Publications, and focused on one of the most important topics facing executives today: their health.

The U.S. is moving toward electronic health records. Here’s how to make that work for you.

You probably take for granted that you should manage your own résumé. After all, it catalogs your professional history and accomplishments—who else would manage it well? But chances are you don’t oversee your own medical records. Until now, doing so has been difficult because bits and pieces of your information are probably scattered across the files of several doctors, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies. That’s an inconvenient—and potentially dangerous—state of affairs, but one a new federal law may help to remedy.

TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE PLEASE VISIT – http://hbr.harvardbusiness.org/web/2009/health/your-medical-information-in-digital-age


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July 15, 2009 at 8:04 PM

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