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Chinese spies may have put chips in US planes

This is just another example of the U.S. being targeted by its enemies. With the proliferation of technology to the lowest common denominator comes exposure to the U.S.. While the U.S. sell’s billions/trillions in debt to countries that have at best competing interests like China and at worst nefarious interests, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, etc. planned for the U.S. we are exposing our defense, infrastructure and industry to potentially crippling and damaging exposure. The level of probing, attack and penetration from nation states like Russia, China, and even so called friends, not to mention amateur hackers, criminal gangs and terrorists is at an unprecedented level.

Wake up! We are under constant malicious attack, just ask any major business IT institution, government and defense agency, power company, research firm. Its time for stronger U.S. counter-technology defense as well as an offensive technology attack capability. Its time to strike back at those who probe, steal, insert, hide and attack the U.S from a technology stand point. If we dont, there will be a time in the not to distant future when we wish we had and congress will ask who knew about this and when did they know it! The global economy does many good things for many people, but this is an INTENDED consiquence by those who wish to do harm to the U.S., of the global economy


Chinese spies may have put chips in US planes
17 Apr 2009, 0041 hrs IST, PTI

WASHINGTON: The Chinese cyber spies have penetrated so deep into the US system — ranging from its secure defence network, banking system,electricity grid to putting spy chips into its defense planes — that it can cause serious damage to the US any time, a top US official on counter-intelligence has said.

“Chinese penetrations of unclassified DoD networks have also been widely reported. Those are more sophisticated, though hardly state of the art,” said National Counterintelligence Executive, Joel Brenner, at the Austin University Texas last week, according to a transcript made available on Wednesday.

Listing out some of the examples of Chinese cyber spy penetration, he said: “We’re also seeing counterfeit routers and chips, and some of those chips have made their way into US military fighter aircraft.. You don’t sneak counterfeit chips into another nation’s aircraft to steal data. When it’s done intentionally, it’s done to degrade systems, or to have the ability to do so at a time of one’s choosing.”

Referring to the Chinese networks penetrating the cyber grids, he said: “Do I worry about those grids, and about air traffic control systems, water supply systems, and so on? You bet I do. America’s networks are being mapped. There has also been experience of both Chinese and criminal network operations in the networks of some of the banks”.


Written by David Frederick

April 17, 2009 at 4:13 PM

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