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Brand Saturation

You know, I always drive by this big bill board for Disney channel and radio and it finally occurred to me that the logo Disney didn’t hold that same magical emotional reaction it used to. That wonderment of when you were a kid and saw the logo and thought Disney world! Mickey! Poo! Now, I get a feeling of annoyance,  saturation and disgust. Why? Because Disney is everywhere. See, I have 5 kids all under the age of 12. My house runs on Disney channel. My XM sat in my car is set to Disney Channel, etc. etc. ENOUGH!!! Disney has so proliferated the lives of young kids from Hannah Montana to High School Musical, to less astounding artists like the Jonas Brothers, etc. Disney is everywhere. On the Radio, On the TV, in my itunes library and more. So my question on my drive today was, when does a brand become so saturated that it looses its original brand equity? And…. Is that ok because you are building new equity with a new generation, Smart marketing or the over saturation of a brand? Maybe both. For those of us over 12, we miss the old Disney and still think of Disneyland, rides, movies and more. For those under 16, Disney IS Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, High School Musical. Its a different product for a different time. But will the kids of today have that same “Disney” Magical feeling that we had as kids when they watch Wizards of Waverley Place?

So what do you think? Has Disney sold out its original brand for more commercialized business OR are they just smart and taking advantage of all marketing media mediums? I can tell you personally, I cant take it any more. All the bands sound the same, all the sitcoms are the same, 24/7 Disney!!! etc. Cant stand it! Just turn it off. At least until the next Vanessa Hudgens song comes out. What happened to Poo, Mickey, and friends. Pirates, I dig. But come on. Zach and Cody? Uhhh. What a mess.



Written by David Frederick

March 30, 2009 at 4:43 PM

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