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Technology – Your personal portal

I was recently trying to sync applications on the web, on my desk top and on my iPhone and it hit me. This enabling technology thing has become my personal portal to my life!

In simple terms, my calender, thoughts, ideas, things to do, contacts, web browsing, emails, phone, banking, pictures, remote,  etc are all either in the cloud, in my hand or on my desk top. Talk about multi-point user control! This is the holy grail for marketers. To proliferate into all these touch points in a productive, predictive and measurable way.

Think about it. In order to access the things in my life and the things that devour my time including resolving sync problems, I simply slide my finger, type a URL or click an icon. Its all there. My life and what controls it. Its the same for millions of other people whether they know it or not. Black Berry’s, Smart Phones, iPhone’s, PC’s, Mac’s, Web Apps and Web 2.0/3.0. Your life in the digital world. But some may say there is more to life like religion and spirituality. Hell, I’ve got that to! I have that in my iPhone. I can get bible versus, bible quotes of the day, Buddhism and zen quotes, etc. Then sports and fitness. I have that to! I have apps that will measure my performance, tell me when high tide is, navigate for me, etc. Its all there in this technology circus.

Has it really come to this? We even make apps to organize all of our stuff. Great apps to! But none the less, in order to access the things that go on and are needed in my life, I simply need to click or slide something. Does that make me organized or pathetically reliant on technology.  If you think I am nuts and you don’t think you have this issue, think really hard what would happen if you lost your Black Berry or Smart Phone, lap top, etc.? YOU WOULD FREAK! Worse than losing your wallet because half your damn financial stuff is on your computer, Black Berry or other device. Go on admit it!!! You would freak out and fall into a heap of sobbing mess. Like a borg unplugged from the main borg unit. Your off the grid baby. Down for the count.

Pretty cool or pretty pathetic and sad? What do you think?



Written by David Frederick

March 25, 2009 at 2:53 PM

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