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Green Fleece

I was speaking with a friend and colleague the other day about the possibility of global warming and green initiatives being the biggest fleecing of the world ever. Yes, I know that that is a strong proposition and statement. But what if? I can’t imagine anyone not being in favor of clean water, clean environment, healthy planet, etc. But with limited scientific data to actually prove this global warming thing, what if it was just a big fleece? Companies and governments have spent billions of dollars to go green. Ok. Fine. There are some good programs out there that are smart and make sense. Both business and environmentally. But is the sky really falling in?

Who knows. I personally don’t think so. I think we are a long-term climatological cycle. But since humans haven’t been around that long in the grand scheme of things, it’s hard to really say. Which is ok because that’s not my point or the point of the conversation. The point was, with all of the companies and organizations developing green technologies, what ultimately happens at end of life. For example. Electric cards, which are really battery-operated cars, but forget the semantics for now. What happens when they run out and go kaput? What do you do with the batteries? Landfill? It’s the same issue with eWaste. Our everyday gadgets have heavy metals, toxic plastic and god knows what else in them. What do you do with all that stuff?

At the rate in which we are creating and consuming, we will soon exceed our ability to do anything positive around it. The law of unintended consequences tells us that all of these new light bulbs with mercury in them, or battery operated cars, or giant turbines engines, etc. will ultimately run down and die. Then what? That’s the bigger question. In addition to the possible biggest fleecing in the world regarding global warming, the drive from this to create more “clean” technology will create an even greater issue of what to do with all this crap when its at end of life. Something to think about while you drive your Prius, sipping your hot beverage in 98% recycled cup material, listening to your aluminum iPod, wearing hemp made cloths. What do you think??



Written by David Frederick

March 19, 2009 at 9:33 PM

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  1. Just like everything we do this Green Tech business must make money for someone or it cannot be sustained. Whoever earns that money will control the industry, of course. In the end, if the society has no use for Green Energy, etc., refuses to underwrite it or simply cannot afford to spend the money then it must stop happening.

    Foolishness has a way of quietly dying out. Like those tattoos the girls were getting in the small of their backs just above the blue-jean line? That was always stupid and the younger girls don’t do it anymore. They have their own dumb new things.

    Relax about Al Gore. Poor bastard is just trying to make a living. And we are pretty tired of all that already.


    March 20, 2009 at 9:46 PM

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