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Knowing When To Walk Away

You know, I have been thinking a lot lately about complex multinational business negotiations. Mainly, because I have been engaged in them more frequently. These things are tough. Especially when negotiating from and with large global organizations. So many parties, so many roles, complexity, cultur, all fighting for something different. Its almost impossible to establish a BATNA. What’s a BATNA you ask? Simple – Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)—or in simple speak “what will happen” if you walk away.

It seems like there is less and less mutual gain these days or at least, its harder to reach it. Perhaps is because of the economy and the pressures organizations are under. But since these pressures are not going away and will more than likely get worse over the next year or so, I wanted to share an article from Andrew Maxfield from the CBI on knowing when to walk away from a deal/negotiation. You can do that you know. 😉

Hopefully, you will find this interesting and helpful. When I studied Strategic Negotiation for Technology at Harvard Law School’s PON (http://www.pon.harvard.edu/) it brought order out of chaos for me, as well as put a framework in place around mutual gains in the negotiation. I hope this article will help bring some order out of chaos for your when it comes to negotiation.

– Dave

[1] http://cbuilding.org/user/andrew-maxfield
[2] http://cbuilding.org/sites/default/files/CBI%2520Negotiation%2520Preparation%2520Checklist.pdf


Written by David Frederick

February 11, 2009 at 8:24 PM

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